- CONTEMPORARY DANCE, 2015 training+movement series with elements of flying low+improvisation.

FIRST CLASS: 13/01/15
Tuesdays 18-19:30.
Danscentrum Syd (lilla studio), Bergsgatan 29, Malmö.

200kr: per class
650kr: paying the whole month in advance (in January, 485kr paying those three classes in advance)
1800kr: paying January, February, March in advance (12 classes in total).
How to pay?
You have two options:
    a) To the bank account: 934877945-6; Clearing: 8214-9. (Swedbank).
    Please write in a message your full name and month that you are paying.
    OBS! IT HAS TO BE BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS OF THE MONTH OR BEFORE THE INDIVUAL CLASS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. After you pay please send me an email to notify your payment (if you need a receipt I can     give it to you at the first class).
    b) In cash: class by class or the whole month. It has to be done at the first class of each month (if you come pay 3 months in advance it has to be done at the first class that you come, in Jannuary)

Trial class: it's possible to do a trial class. It costs 100kr (with previous registration, the possibility of making it depends on the quantity of people registered to this class).

Contact: nidiainfo@yahoo.com

Ph: Celeste Manetta