January and Februari 2016.

Contemporary dance with live music.
SAMTIDA DANS med levande musik:

- Tisdagar 19 januari till 23 februari. kl 19:10 - 20:40.
- Pris: 1140kr hela kursen (x 6 lektioner på 90 minuter).
- Drop in lektion: 200kr.
- 10% rabatt: för professionella dansare och danslärare.

INNEHÅLL: Träning på golvet, i medelnivå, och stående, genom olika rörelse kombinationer. Kroppkontakts övningar. Koreografier. Cipriano Calonico kommer att musikalisera koreografier och spela levande musik för att stimulera olika texturer och känningar. I varje lektion leker vi med hastighet för att utmana vår koordination och minne.

Nidia Martínez Barbieri:
was born in La Plata, Argentina, and lives in Malmö since 2013. She is graduated from Escuela de Danzas de La Plata and works with Contemporary dance since 2000, as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. In 2006 became Pilates instructor. Her work included in the last years solo pieces, as well as interdisciplinary projects with musicians, and performances in collaboration with freelance dancers and choreographers from Malmö and from abroad. She is a member of Danscentrum Syd and Rörelsen Koreografer i Skåne. Since 2009 she practices Argentinian tango. Within this dance style she has the aim to share her experiences about body awareness and movement with other tango practitioners, as well as to find her own expression.

Cipriano Calonico:
was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lives in Malmö since 2006. He is a musician who perfoms tango as a singer and guitar player but also works with electronic and experimental music. For some years his main objective with tango has been to rediscover traditional aspects of the genre as well as focusing on the contemporary developments of this music.

- Danscentrum Syd. Bergsgatan 29, 1 våning (Kulturhuset Mazetti), bredvid INKONST, Malmö.
- Skicka din intresseanmälan till nidiainfo@yahoo.com eller meddela till nidia dance.